Newsflash – Marketing Software Changes to Be Aware of Spring 2022

Newsflash – Marketing Software Changes to Be Aware of Spring 2022

This spring has been raining updates to the marketing software we support. If you haven’t been keeping up with your software vendor’s emails this blog is for you. I’ve compiled some of the biggest changes for you to easily digest, further research, or potentially take action. This list is not all-inclusive but includes the changes that are impacting our clients the most.

Anonymous Visitor Data No More
ClickDimensions is no longer storing anonymous visitor data within your Dynamics 365 instance. Website visits and page views will only be stored if the contact or lead has been identified. Customers will be impacted if they were using the anonymous data to prospect for companies visiting their website. If this data is needed, please contact us for alternative options.

Advanced Lead Scoring Released
Advanced lead scoring has been released, but you will not receive it via instant update. If you would like to implement advanced lead scoring you must submit a ticket to ClickDimensions to let them know you would like to participate. In your ticket, include if you are using the “old” lead scoring method.

The advanced lead scoring model allows you to add and subtract points on a larger set of actions (listed below). This will allow you to more accurately notify CRM users of engaged prospects.

  • Email clicked
  • Email opened
  • Form Submitted
  • Form Submitted Failed
  • Website Visited
  • Page view
  • Event Registered
  • Event Attended
  • Unsubscribed Emails
  • Opportunity Created
  • Opportunity Lost
  • No Engagement within a set timeframe

To stay up to date on ClickDimensions changes we recommend following ClickDimensions Announcements:

Constant Contact and/or MailChimp
Cazoomi Integrations with Constant Contact/ MailChimp and Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online released a security update at the beginning of April that has caused integration partners to switch over to multi-factor authentication. If you have a Cazoomi integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and Constant Contact or MailChimp, your Cazoomi profile needs to be reconfigured to use the correct authentication type. Overall lists, campaigns, and campaign responses are syncing, but we are seeing some inconsistencies with data that we are monitoring. Note: If you are a TopLine Microsoft Dynamics CRM hosting customer this update does not affect you.

To stay up to date on Cazoomi changes we recommend following Cazoomi Support:

TopLine Results is here to help if any of these updates affect you or your team. If you would like to discuss any of these changes or your options, please contact our marketing team at

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