Post-Pandemic Trade Show Planning

Post-Pandemic Trade Show Planning

As we begin returning to normal, many businesses are starting to look at getting back to tradeshows as a means of lead generation. The tradeshow industry was quickly changed in 2020 with many events going virtual or being cancelled. As we all look forward to walking the floor, there are some steps you should take to be prepared for your upcoming tradeshow season.

Are your email lists valid?
When businesses attend a tradeshow repeatedly, they grow their email list for that show. However, 2020 caused a lot of change both in personnel and who might have plans to attend the show. Now is a good time to review your list and validate the email addresses before using it to send out booth visit invitations. You can validate email addresses by using a service to ping the addresses and tell you if they are good. You could run an opt-in email campaign to receive information on your 2021 tradeshow season. If you need a service to validate your lists, please contact us for more information.

Are your email templates accurate?
It has been almost two years since you used your tradeshow email templates. There is a good chance that branding, naming, and product features need to be updated. Now is the time to work through these changes well in advance of your shows. If you are attending multiple shows, you can look at how to make your tradeshow branding more cohesive to attract attendees at different shows.

How are you connecting?
Not too long ago, we could not connect or network in person. We all took to LinkedIn to find referrals and network amongst our connections. Make sure you connect on LinkedIn with those prospects and customers you meet in person at tradeshows. By building your network, you can access those connections in the future.

What can you take from 2020 into 2021?
Creativity, ingenuity, and a focus on digital marketing and sales emerged in 2020. Lessons learned in 2020 can be applied to your 2021 tradeshow season. Examples include using a minute of booth time with a prospect to schedule a future Zoom call follow-up appointment, putting leads on drip campaigns to be nurtured further, and offering web meetings to review products in action – especially for people who cannot attend the show. People will be more open to new ways of doing business than they have in the past. Now is the time to try something original.

As we return to normal, take what you have learned in the past year and apply it where it fits. A combined digital and in-person tradeshow effort will allow you to maximize your opportunities. If you need help with tradeshow marketing and planning, please set up an appointment with our VP, Doreen or reach out via email to . We are delighted to help you get back to your new version of normal!

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