Export Data from Zoho

Export Data from Zoho

Zoho CRM How To: Export Data from Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is a great customer relationship management database that helps sales, service, and marketing teams develop meaningful relationships with customers and prospects. By collecting key information about your customers and your interactions with them, you are able to create meaningful reports and metrics to help guide your business decisions. The reporting and analytics features in Zoho CRM are great tools, but there are a variety of reasons you may need to export your data from Zoho CRM. For example, you may need to import CRM data into another business system, such as your accounting or ERP databases, or you may need to complete further formatting and analysis on your data in a program such as Excel.

In this video tutorial, we provide you with a step- by step walkthrough of how to use Zoho’s built-in Data Administration, Data Backup, and Reporting tools to export data into a CSV file you can use anywhere.

Data export strategies covered include:

  • Using the Data Administration Export Data by module tool to export all records of a specific module, such as all Leads.
  • Using the Data Administration Data Backup tool to export an entire backup of your Zoho database to export all your records from all modules. This is a highly valuable feature, especially if your Zoho edition does not allow for regular, automated database backups.
  • Using the Reporting tool to apply filter criteria to records by Module to export only specific records from a module, such as all the contacts owned by a specific user. This option is useful if you also need to export information from related records, such as deals or accounts related to the contact. This method allows you to export Zoho data as an Excel formatted or PDF document in addition to a standard CSV file.

Also noted in the tutorial are some reporting and data export limitations you may encounter depending on which edition of Zoho you use. If you need additional help in exporting your CRM data, or understanding which Zoho CRM edition is best for you contact us today. info@toplineresults.com, or 1-800 880 1960.

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