Is your email integration broken? 5 steps for maintaining your email integration

Is your email integration broken? 5 steps for maintaining your email integration

TopLine Results has assisted with CRM integrations to many different digital email marketing platforms, such as Constant Contact and MailChimp. We work with clients to integrate their contact lists in CRM with their email systems, and then update their CRM system with the email data. Like any system integration, some issues can arise. Listed below are important steps to take on a monthly or quarterly basis to ensure your integration is working correctly, and you do not have these issues.

  1. Review and use email dashboards and campaign data that is syncing in your database.
    When an email integration is set-up, dashboards, views, or reports are set up for the sales and marketing teams to review (a) who the email was sent to, (b) what emails bounced, and (c) who interacted with an email. If you notice that the email results are missing contacts or do not appear accurate, contact our support team:
  2. Do not ignore email messages from Cazoomi, SyncApps or Zapier.
    Emails will be sent out from Cazoomi, SyncApps or Zapier if there is an issue with your sync. In addition, they will likely send emails regarding upgrades and updates, which could potentially affect your integration. Check your junk email folder for messages from Cazoomi or Zapier and trust the email sender. If you receive an email from your sync provider, contact our support team: We can help you decipher the message and put things right.
  3. Spot-check your contact lists in your email system against the marketing list or campaign members in your Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, or Zoho database.
    There can be discrepancies in your CRM query if it is not removing bounced or unsubscribed contacts. This will give you a good overall sense if there is an issue that needs to be reviewed further.
  4. Use a generic email for the Constant Contact email account and syncing subscription software. Many times, an email marketing account will be set-up with an employee’s email address. When the employee leaves, the login is changed, and the integration is broken. This can be one of the main culprits to a sync integration issue. If an employee leaves and their login was tied to the email marketing program, contact TopLine Results to review if your sync needs to be reset.
  5. Schedule time to review steps 1-4 quarterly, at minimum, to uncover any potential issues with your email lists and sync process. Checking the above items should take no more than 30 minutes but will ensure you maintain email list quality.

Other actions could break your integration, but by following these steps you will be able to find them quickly and rectify the issue. If you would like TopLine Results to do a health check on your email marketing integration, please contact us at

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