Customer Referral Terms and Conditions

The referring customer (“Referrer”) has chosen to provide a referral to TopLine Results Corporation for the purposes of selling customer relationship management (CRM) related services. The Referrer understands that by providing these referrals, the organization identified in the referral becomes a lead, prospect and/or client of TopLine Results Corporation. To qualify for an Amazon gift card and TopLine consulting hours, the referred organization must be a new lead for TopLine Results, and the referral must be received before TopLine engages with the prospect.

Referral information must include a contact name, email and demo topic.

In exchange for this referral, TopLine Results Corporation agrees to give the Referrer and referral contact each a $25 Amazon gift card if the CRM, Marketing, or Process call is scheduled and completed. If the referral organization purchases TopLine service hours within 12 months of the original demo, TopLine Results Corporation agrees to give the Referrer and referral organization a block of hours based on the number of hours purchased by the referral. Please see the below table for more details.

Hours Purchased by Referral Organization Bonus Hours Given to Referral Organization Bonus Hours Given to Referrer
60 3 3
80 4 4
120 6 6
160 8 8

All referrals will be acknowledged with a reply email. If an acknowledgment is not received within one business day, Referrer should contact TopLine Results Corporation by phone at 800-880-1960. A member of the TopLine Results sales team will contact Referrer to discuss the referral organization and contact.

The Referrer and referral organization will be notified via email when Amazon gift cards have been mailed and/or bonus hours have been applied to the respective accounts. If at any time either party has questions, they may contact the TopLine team at

Participants in the Partner Referral program are not eligible for the Customer Referral program. For complete details on our Partner Referral program, please email