Offline Access for your Cloud Based CRM

Offline Access for your Cloud Based CRM

Offline Access for your Cloud Based CRM
Using an online CRM system is great as it allows you to make updates anywhere and at any time! But what if you visit customers, prospects, or other business contacts that are in a remote location where there is a spotty connection or no coverage at all? Yes, this still happens. Then your system renders itself useless!  

But wait…there is a solution. Some CRM systems offer offline access via their mobile applications. Using the Zoho CRM Mobile App or the Dynamics 365 Mobile App allows users to access AND update data in areas with no coverage. Plus, the apps are included in the cost of your licensing subscription. 

In the mobile apps* you can search… 

You can edit… 

And the data will sync back once you have a connection! 

Other great mobile features include making calls from contact records, finding and mapping nearby accounts, and the ability to view and edit custom entities! Mobile solutions have come a long way over the years, so it is essential to be using a product that helps rather than hinders your productivity if you are one of the many road warriors! 

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Happy Selling! 

*screen clips taken from Zoho CRM Mobile 

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