Renowned for its high end-user adoption and easy-to-use interface, Act! offers a cost-effective solution for your business which can be implemented quickly and is easy-to-maintain. The system is flexible and can be configured on-premise or in the cloud.

  • The Choice is Yours - Cloud or on-premise? You decide. The TopLine Results Cloud solution offers the security of SOC 2 certification and a team of Act! experts to guide you.
  • Personalized Service – When you work with TopLine Results, your project manager and technical consultant become an extension of your team and your personal Act! experts.
  • Budget Friendly Solutions – We offer affordable Act! cloud packages that bundle software, hosting, training and support in one quarterly user fee.
  • Experience – With more than fifty years of combined experience consulting, training and developing for Act!, we design creative solutions that exceed expectations.
  • Award-winning Team – Act! Business Partner of the Year and Top Performer in contact management solutions seven times since 2002.
  • Flexibility – TopLine Results is certified in Act!, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Salesforce. We help our clients select the best fit for their business.
  • Custom CRM – We develop add-on solutions which take Act! to a whole new level.

TopLine Act! Cloud Solutions

Act! Professional: $50

Software subscriptions

  • Act! software subscription
  • TopLine software subscription

Technical support

  • Act! software troubleshooting


  • Live Introduction to Act!
  • Training videos

$100 per user activation fee

  • Outlook integration setup
  • Offline synchronization setup

Act! Enterprise: $65

Enterprise Act! hosting is the turnkey solution for your company. This plan includes all the benefits of our Professional plan along with managed services:

  • Software subscriptions
  • Cloud environment
  • Technical support
  • Training
  • Consulting
  • Needs analysis review
  • Database import
  • Database customization
  • Leads assignment
  • Team security setup

$100 per user activation fee

  • Outlook integration setup
  • Offline synchronization setup

“TopLine could have sold us a much more expensive product...We were very impressed that they were willing to educate us on how to make Act!…a product we already owned…work effectively to meet our needs. Needless to say, the combination of the low cost and the system’s results made the decision a very good one from an ROI standpoint.” - Tami Fox,

Act! Features & Benefits

Act! allows you to get organized and keep up-to-date on your customer relationships. When a customer contacts you, you're prepared with a history of emails and calls that can be viewed in a moment's notice. What’s more, the Act! sales process is customized to your business, which enables you to better manage prospects and opportunities. Get the big picture with your sales pipeline to monitor the probability of closing each opportunity.

Maintaining a competitive edge requires you to work smarter to accomplish more. Designed with extensive user input, Act! v19 delivers new functionality and enhancements which help you maximize your time, prioritize intelligently, be informed and prepared to market and sell.

  • Act! Premium is now 64-bit compatible allowing you to work with the latest Office products.
  • Stay connected with Act! Companion – a native mobile app designed for your iPhone or Android.
  • Streamline your workflow with Act! Premium Contact Link – easily identify email recipients as contacts in Act! or add new contacts from an Outlook email.
  • Scan for duplicates in web and cloud.

Send emails, schedule activities and maintain appointments through Act!. Let Act! help you handle the details and watch your personal productivity soar.

Company Creation

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Social Updates Tab

Universal Search - Opportunities


Outlook Integration

Act! emarketing - Call Lists

Smart Tasks

Act! Mobile Access