TopLine Designer

We are pleased to announce TopLine Designer  This release introduces a few new features and fixes a few bugs.  This release can be applied by downloading the full install package from our website at or if you already have Designer installed you can use the automatic update feature by going to Start->Programs->TopLine Results->TopLine Designer Update.

TopLine Dash

A new version of TopLine Dash has been released.  The only change is to add compatibility with TopLine Designer 3.1 and higher.  Due to changes in TopLine Designer, TopLine Dash stopped working with custom tables.  If you are experiencing an error when trying to view dashboard after installing Designer, you should install this update.

Use Date Offsets in TopLine Dash

Have you ever wanted to have a report that always showed a relative date?  Sure, there are pre-built dates that allow you to do this like Next Week, Start of Week, Start of Year, etc...  But what if you don't see what you need in these options?  TopLine Dash allows you to add or subtract any number of days from any of these relative dates.

TopLine Designer for Web Progress

For those of you who are eagerly awaiting TopLine Designer for ACT! for Web, I would like you to know that we are not far off from our first release.  Here is an example of what things are looking like right now.

Keep checking back for more information!

TopLine Dash – Tips and Tricks

Did you know that you can quickly rearrange columns in TopLine Dash?  Just click on a column header and hold the left mouse button down.  Drag the column to it's new position and let go!

You can also Delete, Rename, or make a dashboard Readonly by right clicking on the dashboard button at the bottom of the screen!

 In the lower left corner of the dashboard, you'll see a button called New.

How to delete a custom table in TopLine Designer

It's pretty easy to delete a table, however, we intentionally add some additional steps because we don't want you accidentally losing a lot of data.

In the Manager, delete all of the relationships and screens for the table that you want to delete.
Right click on the table that you want to delete on the tree view and select Delete Table.