Messaging in the Time of Coronavirus

Messaging in the Time of Coronavirus


If you are like me, you have received hundreds of emails in the past month that are eerily similar in tone and messaging, regardless of whether it was from Burger King or your local grocery store. All these emails tend to include COVID-19 in the subject line and outline the companies' social distancing and handwashing practices. In the panic of it all, businesses forgot the key to meaningful email communication: what is in it for me?


Marketing Messaging


In a time of uncertainty, it is even more important to lean on what is certain. To be successful at email communication, you must tailor your message to your targeted email marketing list. The content should speak to how it affects and benefits the recipient.

In the time of Coronavirus, here are a few message “directions” that will work and answer how it affects/benefits your customers and prospects:

  • Messaging on Operations - How might your clients’ service be affected? If there is no effect on their service, you should be actively messaging this.
  • Pain Points – We all are feeling pain right now. How can your business help alleviate that pain and support their businesses?
  • Free Resources for Businesses – Now is the time to support one another. If you can offer free webinars, whitepapers, or training to your customers/prospects you should be doing that actively. Their success leads to your success.
  • Promotions on Products and Services – Are you offering promotions and specials due to the unprecedented circumstances?

Your organizations’ social distancing and healthcare measures can be covered in a blog that you update as needed. Include a link to your COVID-19 health and safety measures in your communications. This allows access to the information without overwhelming your message.

This too shall pass, but in the meantime, be empathetic to your customers and prospects so that you may discover opportunities to help. This skill and these communication techniques will continue to serve your business once Coronavirus is no longer our greatest threat.

During this time, we are aware that your business may be experiencing some unique challenges when it comes to marketing and messaging. For personalized guidance on using email and marketing automation to strike the right tone, contact us at

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