Adobe Electronic Document Signature with Dynamics 365

Adobe Electronic Document Signature with Dynamics 365

Most businesses need to have their customers sign documents.  Whether it is a receipt for services or an invoice of some sort, proof is needed that a customer agrees to the contents of a written record.  In the past this required pen and paper.  Someone had to print the document, sign it with a pen and return it somehow (via scan/email, fax, mail).

TopLine Results has a proven, simpler, solution for this by using Adobe Sign.

We have implemented, for ourselves and our customers, a fantastic integration where you can initiate a signature request from directly inside Microsoft Dynamics CRM and have the results pushed back into CRM after the document has been signed.  The best part is that this is very easy to do.

We now use this ourselves when we send a quote to a customer.  Our quotes are developed and maintained in our Dynamics 365 database.  When a customer is ready to accept our proposal, we navigate to the quote record in Dynamics 365 and choose an option to send the quote for signature.  This only requires three quick clicks.  From there we can review who we want to sign the document, and then send it off for signature.  This takes only one additional click and an email with our proposal is sent to the customer with the ability for our customer to electronically sign it.  We will get emails automatically updating us on the progress of the document and whether it has been signed.  After the document has been signed by the customer, our CRM system will be updated to indicate that the document has officially been signed.

This process can be used for other types of documents as well. For example, legal documents, like Letters of Intent and Non-Disclosure Agreements, can be electronically signed using this same method.

With Adobe Sign we have made our customers’ lives vastly easier.  We have also improved our proposal turnaround time significantly because signing electronically is much easier than signing manually and taking steps required to return the document.

Let TopLine Results assist you with implementing your CRM integrated electronic signature system.  Contact us today at 1-800-880-1960 or

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