Sit, Stand, Walk, Run

Sit, Stand, Walk, Run

Sometimes jumping into something new can be daunting unless you take a measured and thoughtful approach. Here at TopLine Results, we like to minimize risk for our clients by taking a sit, stand, walk, run approach to CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

We like to sit with you and understand your processes for sales, marketing and/or customer service. Together we map out your processes to create a framework that works for you and your team. We offer suggestions for your consideration based on our depth of experience across many industries and platforms.

Once we fully understand your needs, wants, and goals, we help you select the CRM that is right for you. We develop the database structure that fits the processes you have defined.

We engage with you throughout the development journey – checking in to make sure that you are comfortable with the direction you are headed. We also present you with multiple chances to review the database while still in development as well as any data you’ve asked us to migrate into your new CRM.  Then we train you and your teams to get started with the platform.

Once your CRM is up and running, we like to help you connect your digital marketing efforts to your CRM. Generating and qualifying new leads is easier when your marketing tools are integrated with your CRM. We can train you to do it or simply do it for you.

We also help you add automations to your CRM, if appropriate. Automations can simplify by taking out some of the manual steps as well as creating reminders, so things don’t fall through the cracks.

With digital marketing and automations, you will really be off and running!

Whether you’ve never had a CRM, you need a simple CRM upgrade, or a major overhaul to your current database, we can help you with a thoughtful approach – a map for success. Sit, stand, walk, run. Wherever you are, we can jump in and help move you forward. Call us at 1-800-880-1960 or email Our goal is to get you up and running at your max!

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