Social Media Tips for Small Businesses

Social Media Tips for Small Businesses

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat . . . the list goes on.  Many small businesses that I work with daily find social media to be overwhelming and hard to manage.  At TopLine Results, we work with clients to make social media manageable and engaging.  Below are some of our quick tips to make social media work for you.

Planning is key to managing your social media accounts and posts.  I recommend that my clients spend an hour a month writing out various social posts in a Word document.  They can build the posts based on products, blog articles, news and fun facts about their employees or business.

Content should not necessarily be one person’s sole responsibility.  Each employee has a unique perspective on your company and what you do.  You can open it to employees to submit social post ideas to a gatekeeper to polish and post.  Another option is to share the Word document internally to have employees add posts and review submitted posts.

Logging into multiple social media accounts to post or reply can be a huge time waster.  Besides that, having to log in multiple times a day or week multiplies the waste.  We recommend our clients use a social media management tool like HootSuite to manage multiple profiles and schedule social posts.  This saves hours of time a month for little to no cost.

Social media is changing daily based on users’ engagement.  Ten years ago, Facebook was the top social network.  That has changed dramatically with Instagram and Snapchat.  Different social networks will continue to spring up, but it’s how you manage your posts and audience that will lead to your success.

If you would like to review HootSuite and see how it could benefit your business, contact us at 800-880-1960 or email to set-up a time to review.

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