Refreshing Change

Refreshing Change

Change – it’s all around us, just like water (at least in Wisconsin and Minnesota). When water stands still, like a pond, it eventually becomes stagnant. Lack of change can lead to a tired and stale environment. Running water like a stream, however, can be pure and clear. It is ever-changing and refreshing.

Sometimes change is a choice, and sometimes it is forced upon us. Those who can demonstrate flexibility and resilience adapt to change and can lead others to do so as well. Those who find it hard to bend may end up breaking under the forces of change. Their physical and mental health or the health of their relationships – whether personal or professional – will feel the negative impact of their inability to adjust.

Fear, pain and control can hold us back from making changes we know we need. Tony Robbins once said, “Change happens when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change.” The status quo can be comforting, but it can also be debilitating if we dig in or refuse to change simply due to our own need for control or our fear of the unknown.

Intellectually we know that change often makes us stronger. If we strive for continual improvement, change is an asset, a force for good. Even if we take a step sideways or backward, our forward momentum will more than compensate, and the end result will be enriched.

In business, most processes can be improved. Modifications can be made to eliminate wasted time and energy. Steps can sometimes be combined with no impact on outcome. Decision points can be further refined or clarified. Technology can simplify or streamline. Change can transform a mediocre process to a stellar one.

Identifying and making changes can be difficult without assistance, because it is human nature to adjust to our environment and become blind to new possibilities. However, with robust analytical tools, an external perspective, or independent counsel, we quickly perceive new options and avenues. TopLine Results is here to give you that extra nudge.

We can offer a helping hand to observe your sales, marketing, customer service, and operational processes and identify potential changes as well as assist you in implementing them. We strive to listen and understand your needs before making any suggestions. We also use an intentional process in our project management and our technical development to make sure your objectives are being met every step of the way. Your business needs every advantage it can obtain, so why not tap into some expertise and professional facilitation to make “change” an asset for you and your team?

Email or call 1-800-880-1960 to request a free 30-minute consultation. A process engagement may help you zero in on your pain points and drive the changes that will propel you forward.

Move away from the stale and stagnant into the new and fresh. The benefits of change – just like pure water – can be healthy and refreshing, so what’s your delay?

About the Author
Melanie R. Varin specializes in business process consulting for organizations across many industries. With more than 30 years of business expertise, Melanie focuses on providing clients with winning strategies for improving their sales, marketing and overall business processes from assessment to implementation.

Melanie’s certifications include: Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Silver Certified Microsoft partner and Registered Salesforce partner.

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