Act! Premium Subscription – New Licensing Model

Swiftpage has recently announced a change in the licensing model for Act! Premium software.  Act! software is now available as a subscription model.  With this new pricing structure, there are some changes which may affect existing Act! customers:


Act! Business Care Bronze Customers will feel very little impact.

Existing Act! Business Care Bronze customers will continue to pay an annual fee which will provide upgrade rights for any new version of Act! released during the term.  Business Care Bronze is now simply called an Act! subscription.  Subscription pricing will be very similar to Business Care Bronze pricing.  In addition, you will retain perpetual license rights to your Act! software.


Act! Premium v15-16 License Migration

Existing Act! Premium v15 & 16 users are entitled to a loyalty discount when upgrading to Act! Premium Subscription.  Loyalty discounts are available for a limited time only.  Contact us for pricing information on your particular version of Act!.  Existing customers will retain perpetual license rights.


New Act! Licenses

For new users of Act!, you have a couple of options:

·         You can buy an annual Act! Premium Subscription, which includes one year of software updates and maintenance.  At the end of the twelve months, you will be required to renew your annual subscription or you will lose the rights to your Act! software.

·         You can buy an Act! Premium perpetual license at a higher cost, which will include one year of maintenance.  At the end of the year, you can continue to pay the subscription cost so that you can access the latest version of Act!, or you can simply keep the last version you received during the subscription period.


Act! Obsolescence Policy

Act! supports versions for approximately three years after release.  Once support is discontinued, you are no longer eligible for upgrade/loyalty pricing for the software and you cannot receive technical support from Swiftpage.  In most instances, you can continue to obtain technical support for discontinued versions through TopLine Results.  Below are the obsolescence dates for Act!:

·         Act! v15 is supported until 11/30/15.

·         Act! v16 is supported until 11/30/16.

·         Act! v17 is supported until 11/30/17.


If you have questions, we encourage you to contact us for more information or a quote: or 800-880-1960.

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