TopLine Alerts Configuration Information

TopLine Alerts runs as a Windows Service which means that it runs whenever Windows is running, even if you are not logged onto your computer.  In order to do this, you must specify which user on your computer (or domain) this service should run as.  By default, TopLine Alerts is set to use the Local System user which does not have access to any network resources.  So if you try to access a network database from TopLine Alerts, it will not be able to find your database.  To fix this, we need to specify a user who has network permissions.

Click Start->Run and type Services.msc and press enter.

Find the service called TopLine Alerts and right click on it and choose Properties.

Click on the Log On tab.

Choose the option that says 'This account' and type a domain username and password.  Use the browse button to help.  Make sure to type the password as well.  The user that you choose must have permission to access the ACT! database.  The best solution is to use the user who will be most commonly using ACT! on this machine.

Click OK and then right click on TopLine Alerts again and choose Restart to restart the service.

You can now access your database on the network.

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