Use Date Offsets in TopLine Dash

Have you ever wanted to have a report that always showed a relative date?  Sure, there are pre-built dates that allow you to do this like Next Week, Start of Week, Start of Year, etc...  But what if you don't see what you need in these options?  TopLine Dash allows you to add or subtract any number of days from any of these relative dates.

 Any time in TopLine Dash that you see a dropdown with an option to select relative dates, simply add a + or - sign and then a number.  For example, Start of Week - 7.  This will return last week Sunday because it will go to the start of this week and then subtract 7 days from that date.

 This works in any location where a date is filled in.  You can even manually type in these relative dates (with offsets) into Contact/Company/Opportunity queries!

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