Use scripting to create a new history.

You can do all sorts of crazy things using TopLine Designer scripting.  For example, you can create a new history record.  Doing this is extremely easy.

Use the code below to create a history record when the user clicks on the OK button.

'This code runs immediately after the OK or Cancel button is pressed.
'e.Cancel - Change the Cancel variable to True and the OK or Cancel buttons will not close the window.  ex: e.Cancel = True
Public Sub OnBeforeClose(e as ScriptOnBeforeCloseEventArgs) Implements IScript.OnBeforeClose
    'Place Code Below
    'If the user clicked on the OK button, then...
    If e.CloseReason = "OK" Then
        'Create a new Call history.
        CreateHistory("Call Complete", Now, "Finished Call", "Put some details in here")
    End If
End Sub


Below is the actual code used to create the history.

'Create a new history record.
Public Sub CreateHistory(ByVal sHistoryType As String, ByVal HistoryDate As Date, ByVal Regarding As String, ByVal Details As String)
    Dim h As Act.Framework.Histories.History

    If GetParentContacts.Count > 0 Then
        Dim Contact As Act.Framework.Contacts.Contact = GetParentContacts(0)

        Dim HistoryType As Act.Framework.Histories.HistoryType = Nothing
        HistoryType = Globals.ACTApp.Histories.GetHistoryType(sHistoryType)
        If HistoryType IsNot Nothing Then
            h = Globals.ACTApp.Histories.CreateHistory(Contact, Nothing, HistoryType, False, HistoryDate, HistoryDate, Regarding, Details)
        End If
    End If
End Sub

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